Genesis to Revelation: A Walk Through the Jewish Bible

$ 75.00

Messiah College, PA
July 4-5, 2022
Monday-Tuesday, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Jeffrey Seif, Instructor

The Bible is Israel’s family diary. This survey explores the window the Old(er) Testament gives into the rise, demise and re-emergence of the Jewish nation. It explores, as well, how the New(er) Testament tells of the life and teachings of Israel’s Messiah, and how a revived rabbi (Paul) took His message and its meaning beyond Israel’s borders.

Along with his wife Barri, Jeff was born and raised in the Jewish culture and tradition. Jeff came to faith in Jesus, surrendered to a call to the ministry and took theological studies at Southern Methodist University where he earned a master's degree and doctorate in theology and ministry. He took a master’s degree at Cambridge University and has a leadership certificate from Harvard University. Dr Seif has served over thirty years as a professor. He retired as University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies - The Kings University / Houston. He presently is an adjunct professor at Christ for the Nations Institute. Jeff appears on television weekly on Daystar Television Network, Mon and Weds PM, in a program called “Our Jewish Roots”—formerly “Zola Levitt Presents”. He pastors Sar Shalom congregation, an IAMCS-affiliated community.