Certificate Degree

Dear student,

Thank you for your interest in the IAMCS Yeshiva Certificate Degree in Messianic Jewish Studies program. By taking eight IAMCS Yeshiva courses—one from eight of the ten categories presented in our catalog—then writing a short two page summary on each of them, you will receive a framable certificate showing that you have completed this course of study.

Though this particular program does not lead to ordination, the completion of this training will help equip you as a worker in the field of Messianic Jewish ministry. Whether you are a Shabbat school coordinator, Bible study leader, part of a synagogue leadership team, or you just want to learn from qualified Messianic instructors, the Certificate Program can help you achieve your goals.

The categories and all the information about available courses are available in our catalog. You can take courses by correspondence—online streaming or DVD—or new courses taught live at MJAA regional or national conferences.

Enroll online now to begin earning your degree today!