Who is the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues)?

Please visit our website at www.iamcs.org to learn more about our organization.

I cannot log on to my account to view my transcript.

We have recently switched to a new system which will require you to create a new account. At this time, new account creation does not include the ability to review your transcript. We are working to have a new student portal available in the coming months. If you have any questions about your transcript or grades, please send us a request by e-mail anytime. Thank you!

What is the difference between credit, audit and certificate courses?

Courses taken for audit are the least expensive. You may take as many of these courses as you want, and they do not have any coursework. Courses should be audited if your primary goal is ongoing education.

Courses taken toward the Certificate Degree carry some light coursework with them, and the completion of eight courses results in the awarding of a Certificate Degree in Messianic Jewish Studies.

Courses should be taken for credit if your goal is ordination with the IAMCS, however, prerequisite to ordination is acceptance in the ordination program. The IAMCS Yeshiva does not oversee or administrate the IAMCS ordination program. For more information about ordination, please contact the IAMCS office.

What courses do you offer for distance learning?

Our entire catalog and all information pertaining to the courses are listed here on the website. New courses are added after the various Yeshivot taught live at the annual MJAA conferences.

Can you please send me more information about the distance learning courses?

All information about distance learning courses is available here on the website. We do not have any additional information available at this time.

Are courses taken for credit with the IAMCS Yeshiva transferable to another learning institution?


Are courses taken for credit with another learning institution transferable to the IAMCS Yeshiva?


Which courses do I need to take in order to receive ordination?

Any course that is available for credit may be taken toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination.

What course of study must I follow in order to receive ordination?

There is no set course of study at this time.

How many courses do I need to take in order to receive ordination?

Coursework through the IAMCS Yeshiva is only part of the requirements for IAMCS ordination. For questions about ordination, please contact the IAMCS office.