Welcome to the IAMCS Yeshiva!

One of the purposes of the IAMCS (the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues) is to establish and operate a Messianic Yeshiva for the formal and spiritual education of Messianic leaders.

The classes offered in the IAMCS Messianic Yeshiva are in-depth, undergraduate level courses that have an average of six to eight hours of instruction. They are offered at the national and regional MJAA (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) conferences throughout the year.

Additionally, distance learning courses are available year-round here on the Yeshiva website via online streaming or DVD. All people—leaders and lay people—are welcome to audit Yeshiva courses.

The Certificate Degree in Messianic Jewish Studies program is also available to any interested student.

The credit option is primarily intended for those seeking ordination in the IAMCS/MJAA, though any student desiring a more challenging experience is welcome to take available courses for credit. Only courses taken at the credit level can fulfill the requirements that are part of the IAMCS/MJAA ordination process.

The IAMCS Messianic Yeshiva and its respective courses and degrees are not accredited through any college or university, and credits are non-transferable. (An additional one-time $20 application fee is required for first-time students only.)

For more information, check out our FAQ, or contact us.