Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: The Best of #2

$ 75.00

Dr. Michael Brown, Instructor

Dr. Brown has written five books based on 150 objections to Yeshua being the Messiah that he has encountered in his ministry. In this course, he will take objections from each book focusing on difficulties Jewish people have toward New Testament portions, the authority of the Oral Law and questions raised concerning Messianic Prophecies in the Old Testament. With detailed responses based on careful research of the Hebrew Bible, Rabbinic texts, and the New Testament, Dr. Brown will thoroughly and respectfully answer these objections. He will deal with the theological, historical and biblical responses that we can share with family and friends and demonstrate how to discuss the Messiah sensitively and intelligently.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, for the first 48 minutes of this teaching, the video is unstable, and there are a few audio dropouts.

Approx. 6 hours of teaching on 3 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2015)