Apocalypse According to the First Messianic Jews: How Jewish Apocalyptic Literature Informs Biblical Eschatology, The

$ 75.00

Rabbi Eric Lakatos, Instructor

This class will examine evidence from Jewish pre-Christian Apocalyptic literature, (i.e., Enochic books, 1 & 2 Baruch) Jewish Apocrypha as well as Pseudepigrapha, and Jewish Gnostic literature, to argue for an eschatological tradition inherited by the first century Messianic Jews. Early apostolic eschatological writings by Jewish patristics such as Hegesippus, Epiphanius and others, in addition to key Scripture passages, will be included. The study will identify the Desposynoi, the early Messianic Jewish Heterodox, as well as Messianic Jewish Orthodoxy (i.e., the first successors to James and the Jewish Apostolic leadership in Jerusalem, examining their eschatology) and analysis of contributing eschatological factors and early conversational partners such as Pharisaic/rabbinic Judaism and Gentile Christianity. The study finally will analyze the modern major voices Messianic Jewish precedent research, along with key figures of rabbinic Jewish voices in academia today who advocate for a Messianic Jewish Apocalyptic, and will conclude by identifying holes in the research that remain to be filled.

Approx. 6 hours of teaching on 3 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2024)

Rabbi Eric is the Senior Rabbi of Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio. He is ordained by the IAMCS, of which he is a current-member of the Steering Committee, and holds a Masters Degree in Apologetics from Luther Rice University. Rabbi Eric is currently working on a Doctorate in Philosophy of Theology at Columbia International University, and also produces “The Messianic Jewish Podcast.” He and his wife Gisela have 5 children and reside in Solon, Ohio.