One Word Changes Everything

$ 75.00

Dr. Raleigh Washington, Instructor

Dr. Washington addresses the false narratives that are causing toxic polarizations and divisions in marriages, families, congregations, leaders, cities, and our nation. These false narratives include but are not limited to: BLM, CRT, cancel culture, transgender insanity, abortion, racism, antisemitism and more. He will teach, demonstrate, and prove how these narratives can be biblically addressed and eliminated with “one word.” He will introduce and apply eight irrefutable Biblical principles that will replace chaos with peace. Fear, conflict, trepidation, and hesitation will be replaced with courage, boldness, and fearless sensitivity. This will result in joy, peace, and tranquility in marriages, families, congregations, Jewish people, and Gentiles; hence our nation can be profoundly impacted.

Approx. 6 hours of teaching on 3 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2023)

Dr. Washington is President Emeritus of Promise Keepers and Pastor Emeritus of Rock Church. He is Co-Founder of the Road to Jerusalem and founder and former Director of Master of Arts in urban ministry. Dr Washington went to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the third recipient of Doctor of Peace Making from Westminster College, following Mother Teresa and Bishop Desmond TuTu. Currently Dr. Washington is the President/CEO, Awakening the Voice of Truth. He has authored the Gold Medallion winning book, “Breaking Down Walls” and the newly released book, “One Word: Cure for Hurt, Hatred and Hostility”.