Scriptural Counseling

$ 75.00

Rabbi Charles Kluge, Instructor

Co-instructor: Racquel Kluge. In this course we will be studying different counseling strategies. We will briefly introduce the theories of some secular techniques such as those of Freud, Skinner, Piaget, Erikson, Rogers and Bradshaw, but more extensively examine and study the scriptural techniques of Adams, Crabb, and others. By using the World of G-d, separate attention will be given to marriage and pre-marital counseling, addictions and healing for the "inner man." There will be hands on group processes in which you may participate and observe. Each one will be able to experience a process and lead another person through one. You will learn how to set up a free counseling service in your congregation with lay people. There will be actual case studies that will be analyzed for diagnosis and treatment plans, which include knowing when to refer out to the proper sources.

    Approx. 8 hours of teaching on 4 DVDs or Online Streaming. (1997)