Homiletics: Preaching the Word in Spirit, Truth, and Power

$ 75.00

Rabbi Jeffrey Forman, Instructor

The goal of preaching the Word of God is to impart revelatory truth, which the Spirit of G-d can use to transform lives into the image of Yeshua. This requires more than merely relaying intellectual information. The Word must first be made alive in us by the present inspiration of the Holy Spirit and then imparted to others. This course will first take a look at the spiritual life and disciplines of the man who preaches G-d's Word. It will then explore strategies and methods of preparing and communicating substantive messages. We will conclude the course with some suggestions on how to follow the message into powerful alter ministry. (DVD audio volume is relatively low, but adequate.)

Approx. 6 hours of teaching on 3 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2002)