At the Feet of Messiah: Leadership Lessons for Today

$ 75.00

Dr. Bruce A. Tucker, Instructor

  1. The entire concept of Messiah is a lesson in leadership. The Torah, Prophets, and Writings declared the role of the Messiah to be one who transforms peoples’ lives. The first part of the Yeshiva course presents the concept of Messiah as a leadership model for leaders to follow.
  2. The practical concept of Messianic Leadership follows the leadership lessons the Messiah models for all leaders in every area of life, service, and business. Current research in Transformational Leadership verifies the Messianic leadership role model. Academic studies by Bernard Bass and Bruce Avolio, along with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, serve the Yeshiva course by presenting characteristics and practices for the Messianic leader today.

Approx. 8 hours of teaching on 4 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2014)