Controversies in Messianic Identity

$ 75.00

Dan Gruber, Instructor

The course will present a particular analysis and view of some of the critical issues that determine the identity (and therefore the faith and life) of those who believe in Yeshua.

  1. The Scriptures, Tradition, and Translation
  2. Messiah and Christ
  3. Torah and the New Covenant
  4. The Commonwealth of Israel, Gentiles, and the Church
  5. Authority, Accountability, and Freedom

and more.

For-credit students' required reading: Copernicus and the Jews by Daniel Gruber

Approx. 6 hours of teaching on 3 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2006)

Dan has written several books, including "The Church and the Jews", "Torah and the New Covenant", and "Rabbi Akiba's Messiah". His writings have been published in Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Polish, and French. He has worked in various outreach, discipleship, and leadership training programs in Latin America, Europe, and Israel.