How We Got Our Bible

$ 75.00

Dr. Jeffrey Seif, Instructor

In this one-day class, Dr. Jeffrey Seif will offer a telling of how we got our Bible. He will take individuals to and through biblical history, explain when and how texts were written, and also explain the process by which they were collected and authorized. Given the credence we give to the Bible, a course on its origin and essence is a must.

Approx. 6 hours of teaching on 3 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2016)

A Messianic Jewish believer, Jeff leads “Sar Shalom Congregation,” in Plano, TX. In addition to his pastoral work, Seif serves on the faculties of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute; the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute; the Israel College of the Bible; Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas; and was recently promoted and awarded the title of University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies at Kings University. Among other things, Dr. Seif is the Project Manager and Vice President of the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Project, which has produced the Tree of Life New Testament and the Shared Heritage Bible.