Genesis to Revelation: A Walk Through the Jewish Bible

$ 75.00

Dr. Jeffrey Seif, Instructor

The Bible is Israel’s family diary. This survey explores the window the Old(er) Testament gives into the rise, demise and re-emergence of the Jewish nation. It explores, as well, how the New(er) Testament tells of the life and teachings of Israel’s Messiah, and how a revived rabbi (Paul) took His message and its meaning beyond Israel’s borders.

Approx. 8 hours of teaching on 4 DVDs or Online Streaming. (2022)

Along with his wife Barri, Jeff was born and raised in the Jewish culture and tradition. Jeff came to faith in Jesus, surrendered to a call to the ministry and took theological studies at Southern Methodist University where he earned a master's degree and doctorate in theology and ministry. He took a master’s degree at Cambridge University and has a leadership certificate from Harvard University. Dr Seif has served over thirty years as a professor. He retired as University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies - The Kings University / Houston. He presently is an adjunct professor at Christ for the Nations Institute. Jeff appears on television weekly on Daystar Television Network, Mon and Weds PM, in a program called “Our Jewish Roots”—formerly “Zola Levitt Presents”. He pastors Sar Shalom congregation, an IAMCS-affiliated community.